Development Management


1. Pre-development phase

Technical Due Diligence
  • Concept design evaluation
  • Analysis of development projects
  • Analysis of value added projects
  • Preliminary coordination of urban and administrative analysis
  • Consistency evaluation
  • Preliminary cost and timing estimate
  • Preliminary approval
Project team organization
  • Companies and consultants identification for project team set up supported by procedures and tools managed by the Procurement & Conceptual Construction team
  • Tender management and selection of consultants (architectural designer, structural engineer, plant engineer, fire brigade consultant and others)
  • Support the client during appointments phase
Strategy set up and action plan realized
  • Programming / master planning
  • Planning of sustainability strategy
  • Set up of the project brief (technical analysis in relation to the requirements of construction and systems, sustainability, energy management, security, flexibility and others)
Administrative organization
  • Support to the client in the definition of financial structures
  • Budget planning
  • Administrative support during the acquisition
Coordination and supervision of the preliminary design
  • Best Practice study
  • Sustainability strategy
  • Coordination of the preliminary design
  • Development and update of the project timeline
  • Development and update of the budget (hard and soft costs), cost management, cash flow and value engineering management
  • Pre-planning approvals
  • Zoning / government approvals
  • Environmental impact statements
  • Approvals for historic buildings
  • Archeology
  • Permits for buildability
  • Permits for the occupation of public area
  • Other approvals
Design management and tendering
  • Coordination of the development and construction design
  • Coordination of the consultants involved in the project (designers, engineers, lawyers, authorities and others)
  • Development of sustainability goals
  • Estimation of construction costs in collaboration with the project team
  • Set up of the construction time schedule
  • Coordination of Value Engineering activities in collaboration with the project team
  • Reporting activities during all design phases
  • Tender management and contractor selection supported by procedures and tools managed by the Procurement & Conceptual Construction team


2. Development phase

Construction management
  • Planning of the construction site
  • Contracting and work start
  • Coordination and public works development
  • Construction management
  • Coordination and supervision of all construction works, all contractors and consultants
  • Support to the client in planning and management of the budget, cash flow and cost monitoring
  • Management of the construction time schedule
  • Monitoring and quality control
  • Supervision of snagging lists and tests
  • Managing the collection of project documents (building permit, as built drawings and documents in compliance with the regulations)
  • Reporting activities during all construction phases
Administrative management
  • Technical assistance in the definition and management of payment procedures
  • Check of the approval process for the “Progress of Works”
  • Authorization for billing after verification of the certificates of payment
Planning and control of time, cost, risk
  • Timing control
  • Costs control
  • Risk management
  • Periodic reporting
Start up and handover
  • Coordination and supervision of commissioning activities
  • Coordinating the delivery of documents to the client or the Property Manager


3. Additional expertise

Sustainability consulting
  • Consulting activity focused on sustainability buildings
  • Coordination and support of the consulting team on the green certifications (LEED, BREAM, WELL, Cradle to Cradle, etc.)
Office fit out
  • Coordination for the design and construction of office fit out works
Retail fit out
  • Coordination for the design and construction of retail fit out works
Residential fit out
  • Coordination for the design and construction of residential fit out works
Marketing & PR
  • Support to the activities of the Public Relations
  • Support for the development of graphic design and branding
  • Support for the development of marketing materials and advertising
  • Support and coordination for the organization and management of events
  • Support for the implementation of web and social / digital marketing
Leasing and sales
  • Support for the definition of documents for lease and sale
  • Support for the collection of documents relating to the data room
  • Technical assistance in the negotiation of lease and sale