Property Management


1. Development phase

Support services during design and construction phases
  • Revision of the technical design and its performance evaluation
  • Evaluation of design choices and impact on costs preliminary preparation management
  • Testing and commissioning procedures review
Due Diligence services
  • Administrative documentation analysis ( "as is" situation vs. received documentation "as built”)
  • Critical issues analisys
  • Activities scheduling updating and / or integration
Database set up for apportionment of costs
  • Real estate, cadastral and technical systems consistency definition
  • Millesimal structure creation and updating
  • Chart of accounts setting up, identifying project cost centers and revenues
  • Cost and tax connection with millesimal structure, shared with the owners
Definition of services’ specifications and selection of suppliers
  • Technical and performance specifications of managed buildings and systems
  • Maintenance and performance specifications
  • Key Performance Indicator e Service Level Agreement definition
  • Bidding phase organization, supported by procedures and tools managed by the Procurement team, shared with the owners
  • Supplier’s contract preparation
Setting up the structure of the management budget
  • Forecast of annual management expenses (annual plan) to be shared with the owners
  • Active invoicing management
  • Recoverable costs and non-recoverable definition, based on procedural standards for management and contractual agreements with tenants
  • Tax burden definition


2. Building handover phase

Collection and review of administrative and technical documents for the data room set up
  • Property titles, permits and certifications
  • Cadastral and taxes status
  • Leases status
  • Testing, commissioning and utilities status
  • Legal and environmental certifications of technical equipments
  • Status of maintenance activities and contracts with suppliers
  • Insurances
Management of non compliances
  • Detected non-compliances regularization
  • Tenants management
Consolidation of data consistency, costs and their allocation in the IT system for setting up the preliminary budget
  • Consolidation of millesimal chart and cost confirmation
  • Utility meters checking and evaluation
  • Preliminary budgeting on a three years bases evaluation
  • Reporting to owners, tenants and investors on quarterly and annual basis
Set up of documents for building management, control and use
  • Building regulations
  • Tenant fit out rules
  • Tenant instruction and general information manual
  • Health and safety role


3. Operating phase

Service activation and management
  • Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance management
  • Scope of work perimeter
  • Operational time scheduling
  • Providers reporting in order to verify periodical inspection and Service Level Agreement compliance
  • Before and after enhancement of budgeted amounts
  • Third parties management
Support to the owners during the set up of tenants’ contracts
  • Building management documents definition and delivery
  • Rented areas and common spaces definition and delivery
  • Operational costs forecast delivery
Tenant management
  • Tenants fit in and fit out management
  • Coordination and organizational consulting during the building life cycle
  • Periodic survey of leased and not leased spaces
  • Management of requests and problems through call center and ticketing system
  • Tenants relationship management
Strategic and pro-active management of the property
  • Continuous energy suppliers benchmarking
  • Energy saving analisys and following systems optimization
  • Property valorization proposals shared with the landlord based on the conducted analysis
  • Hard and soft copy storage management (data room)
Reporting to owners, tenants and investors on a quarterly and annual basis
  • Quarterly and annual reporting overview to the landlord: discounting expenses vs. budget, year-end projected budget possible discounting, deviations analysis
  • Arrears and tenants reminders management, managing contractual deadlines, contracts registration, control of mobile banking customer's request
  • "Stacking plan" updating (building occupancy state)
  • Evaluation and planning of critical issues related to the contractual deadlines
  • Tenants reporting related to charges and further update on the activities planned in the building


During all phases, the property management team coordinates and supports the facility management team.