Real Estate since 1974

COIMA REM is a company dedicated to Development & Property Management and acts as a trusted partner for investors, dealing with development and management projects of real estate assets.

COIMA - 01/05/2023


COIMA and Abilio ink strategic deal to power growth of next generation residential broker

COIMA - 28/03/2023


The partnership between COIMA and CCL for “fair and social housing” works

COIMA - 13/02/2023


COIMA SGR: signed the agreement for the management of des Bains Beach at the Venice Lido


Key figures

Development Management

1.85 M sqm

Of space developed
over the last 10 years

50 +

Buildings developed
or value added

Property Management

120 +

Managed buildings

320 +



50 %

Portfolio subject to decarbonization plans

99 %

Green Scope 2 certified energy